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Learn Punjabi words into English (Learn Punjabi words into Canadian English for Non Punjabi Girls)

Each line below contains Punjabi  and its English meaning.
1. Sung/sungna – Shy/to be shy
    Sungna nahi, kuchh chahida hove ta dus dayi.- Don’t be shy, Let  us know if you want anything.
2. Sadda – Ours 
    Eh sadda ghar hai –This is our home
3.Tuhada –  yours
   Tuhada naa ki hai? – What is your name?

4. Heintta – under/down
    samaan heintta rakh ke khana kha le.  Put your stuff down and eat something.
5.Tkalan  (short ‘N’ sound) –Evening time
   Tkalan tak ghar bapis aa javi. – Come back by evening.
6. Kosa –  luke warm
    Menu kosa pani chahida hai  I need luke warm water.
7. Tta: (Pronounce T as in ‘Tara’ not as in ‘Tata’)  – Hot
    Menu tta pani chahida hai. I need hot water.
8. Assie – We
    assi kal Niagara fall jana – We are going to Niagara Fall  tomorrow.
9. Tussi– you
    Tussi kithe ja rahe ho? – Where are you going?
10. Aukha – difficult
     eh bhot aukha saval hai  this is very difficult question
11. Sokha – Easy
      Eh kum bara sokha hai – This is very easy work.
12. Suka/Suki – dry
      menu ek suki roti de de. – Give me bread without ghee on it.
13. Sat (pronounce similar to Cut)–  : injury/ injuries
      Accident ch us nu bahut suttan lagiyan. – He was badly injured in accident.
      Sutt tan nahi lagi ? – Did you get hurt?
14. Sut  (pronounce ‘U’ similar to ‘Put’ )to throw
      Paani ch pathar na sut. Don’t throw stone in water.
15. Mujjh  (pronounce ‘U’ similar to ‘Cut’ )Buffalo
16. Choprri/choprriyan – drenched in ghee
      Tussi suki roti layunge ya chopar ke? Do you want butter roti or without butter?
17. Kudna  (pronounce ‘U’ as in Cut) – To pull out 
      Mera sweater kud  ke liya.  : Bring my sweater from room or suitcase.
18. Dus (pronounce ‘U’ as in Cut)–   Tell
      menu dus de kithe gya si? – Tell me where you went?
19. Lubh/lubhna (pronounce ‘U’ as in Cut)– To find
      menu ghar di chabi nahi lubh rahi. I am not able to find home keys.
20. Dig pya/ Digna – To fall down
      koun dig pya? – Who fall down?
21. Gode – Knee
      Gode – gaade theek hai hun? – Is your knee pain and other body pains fine now?
22. Inni – this much
      Ithe aaun nu Inni der kyon lagati?  Why Did you take so long to come here?
23. Kinni/Kinne – how much?
     Kinne aalu chahide? How many potatoes you want?
24. Kithe – Where?
      Paani kithe rakha?  Where should I put Water?
25. Uthe/ othe – there
      Othe rakh de darwaje kol.  Put it there near the door.
26. Ithe – Here
      Ithe aake pani le ja. Come here and take water.
27. Mohda – shoulder.
      Kose pani naal mohde nu saik de.  Give hot water compresses to your shoulder.
28. Lut/Luta (pronounce ‘U’ as in Cut and ‘T’ as in Tara) – Legs
      Mere lut te sat lug gayi hai. My leg got hurt.
29. Tidh (Pronounce ‘I’ as  in Kid )Stomach
      Tere tidh dard ho rahi hai?  Do you have stomach pain?
30. Tilakda / tilkan – slippery
      Paani naal tilkan ho gayi hai.   It is slippery because of water.
31. Chheti – to hurry up
      Chheti kar paani thanda ho jana. – Hurry up water is getting cold.
32. Loon – Salt
     Kose paani ch loon pa ke garare kar.  Do gargle with lukewarm water and salt.
33. Poona : kitchen clothes used  in cooking
      Poone nu garam paani naal dho de. Wash the kitchen clothe with hot water.
34. Atta Ghunana /ghun de – To make a flour doug
     Tu jake paani  naal aata ghunGo and make dough with water and wheat flour.
35. Ate de Perre – dough balls
     tu perre bana mein paani pi ke aayi.  You make dough balls and I’ll come after drinking water.
36. Rlla / Rallda – to mix/get mixed
      Tu Paani ch chini rala mein huni aya.  You mix sugar in water and I’ll back soon.
37. Chonda/cho  – leaking
      Balti chondi payi hai.  Or Balti Cho rahi hai– The bucket is leaking.
38. Dul/Dulna (Pronounce ‘U’ as in ‘Put’ ) – To spill a liquid
      Balti da sara paani dul gya.  Whole water is spilled from the bucket.
39. Sayaal – winter season
      Canada ch sayaalan ch paani burf ban janda. In Canada water turn to ice during winter.
40. Changa – Fine
      Mein pahla bimar si hun bilkul changa.  Earlier I was sick, but now I am fine.
41. Kasar – Issue
      Hun koi kasar rah gayi hai jo ithe betha hai?   Why are you sitting here now, Is there any issue still pending?
42. Biji  /Bibi – a respected way to call  very old women
43. Bauji/Bhapa ji – a respected way to call very old man
44. Shakkar – It is the brown jaggery powder. It is not regular white sugar and not brown sugar.

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