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Health Insurance for Canadian Student

In Canada, a public health system care system covers visits to doctors and other medical procedures. Each Province has its own healthcare system. International students too can avail of this system at a nominal insurance premium. Health insurance has to be arranged for before arriving in Canada. Hence, quite often the Universities or colleges make it mandatory for international students to enroll in their health plan.

The details of health insurance plans of a few provinces are given below as an indication for students:


The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) is available to International students with permission to reside and study in the province of Alberta for a minimum of 183 days in a 12 month period. Coverage starts on the first day of the third month following the date of entry into Alberta. Documents required to accompany the application are:
Proof of Identity and proof of permission to reside and study for a minimum of one year.
The insurance premium is paid monthly and ranges from approximately $34/- to $68/- per month per student.


British Columbia’s Medical Service Plan (MSP) must be applied for immediately on arrival into BC, if the student intends to stay for 6 months or more. There is a waiting period of approx. 3 months (remaining part of month of arrival + next two calendar months) before start of coverage. For the interim period, the student would have to take iMed a three month temporary policy until coverage of MSP starts.
iMed is available for $120 for a 3 month period.
MSP premium is $60.50 per month.


In Ontario, international students are not covered under the provincial health plan OHIP. So, the universities of Ontario have put together a mandatory health package – University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) – for international students and their dependents.
UHIP premium is $ 57 per month for member student.
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